Gorgeous Home Staging in Chevy Chase, MD

After a 12 month stint with another staging company and no sale, my interaction with you from start to finish was flawless.  Upon our first meeting and walking through the house to our discussion of my vision – I could see immediately you understood.  My biggest concern, as you know, was could you deliver a high end feel with “rental furniture and accessories”.  I was skeptical to say the least given the experience with the prior staging company. 
However, your website and your ideas about each room completely convinced me you were the right choice.  You remained in constant contact with me leading right up until staging day helping me with last minute ideas for the house. 
While you made me stay away on staging day (which was very hard by the way! J ) – I’m so thankful you did!!!!
Walking into the house after you were complete was incredible.  You and your team literally transformed this house, taking it from having beautiful bones to being a GORGEOUS HOME. 
You accomplished exactly what we were looking for with the furnishing and accessories.  Every detail is perfect in every room.  You exceeded my expectations and the house is so much more than I believed it could be.  I know we will achieve our target sale price and I would recommend you and your team to anyone.  The furnishing and accessories are high end and high quality.  Thank you. Thank you!  It has been a pleasure to work with you and you have incredible taste and an incredible eye for design. 
I would be happy to remain an ongoing reference for you at any time.
Lisa S.
Chevy Chase, MD