Staged Ashburn, VA Home Sold in Less Than 20 Minutes? Seriously!

Absolutely true story.

One of our Realtor partners was getting a townhome-style condo in Ashburn, Virginia ready to go on the market in an area where there was stagnant inventory with all over the board prices, and a seller that needed to sell quickly and for top dollar. Preferred Stager Susan Reynolds was hired to do the staging.

Susan put together and executed a perfect design plan, and along with good marketing including a "coming soon" teaser, the house had a solid offer for top dollar less than 20 minutes after the condo went active. The Realtor credits Preferred Staging with a large part of the success of the quick sale for the seller.

But think about this...First, the Realtor wouldn't have been able to create that "coming soon" teaser if the staging hadn't created an upbeat and on-trend presentation of the entire home.

Second, the teaser in turn generated real interest and was watched by potential buyers.

Finally, as soon as the listing went active, an offer was made. The buyer commented that this condo was exactly what they were looking for, and they moved quickly for fear that someone else would beat them to it.

This is just another example, albeit not quite typical, of what a professional staging can do for you.


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