Is Home Staging Worth It in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland?

We have completed our home staging statistics for 2015. This is our fourth year validating that home staging in the Washington DC metro area has a clear and calculable impact on the sales price of a home. 

Our real estate listing information reveals that using Preferred Staging improves the price of a vacant home by 5% on average compared to leaving the home vacant. Using a budget home stager is worse than leaving a home completely vacant. We wrote a full blog on that.

We use the percentage of ask price to calculate the impact of Preferred Staging's home staging versus other options. This is an imperfect measure, but since every home is unique, we believe that the averaging of home list price and sales price is, at least, a consistent measure.

This measurement actually understates the impact of our home stagings. We have seen home sellers raise their asking price after we have staged the home, but before the official listing was published. We do not recommend this, and always suggest our home staging clients follow the recommendations of their Realtor. However, we do know this happens and it actually creates an unfair advantage for the non-home staged homes in the way we calculate our statistics.

Preferred Staging's Statistics for Home Staging in Washington DC Metropolitan Area


No matter how you look at it, staging is beneficial. Call us to schedule a meeting so we can discuss further.

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